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Today, I had the most pathetic customer care/advisor experience with talking to discover credit card customer care advisor/representative. To mu surprise instead of being polite (customer care).He was quite rude, kept un arguing with me on bank terminologies and said that he has enough time to argue ,google and was paid for it on hourly basis (horror of my life). Does discover has so much extra money to pay to these rude & unprofessionals ? He... Read more

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Worst credit card customer service ever experienced!!!!! They must get their supervisors from " idiots R us" rude, unprofessional, and no COMMON SENSE. They messed up my payments for 3 months in a row. 15 years with this card. DONE WITH THIS COMPANY! Add comment

I attempted to apply for a card today. I have a 740 + FICO score and a 742 TU (BEACON) score. TU tends to be the most conservative CRB which means more business friendly and not as consumer friendly. No negative history...great length of credit lines and DTI. Discover attempted to pull one of the CRB like I think EQFAX but this file was frozen. SO I got a biggy that is normal and I understood it. I wasn't mad at all...but I had... Read more

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Huge complaint about Discover never considering, when a customer asks, lowering the cash advance APR. I have 24.24%. I periodically call and ask for it to be lowered, and the answer is always no. But, they have no problem mailing me letters asking me for more of my business. I plan to mail a letter to the company and complain (Discover Card PO Box 30943 Salt Lake City UT 84130 ATTN: David Nelms President) and we know nothing will happen except a... Read more

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I'm trying to add authorized users to my own account but they are requiring me to provide SS# as they claim for 'security purposes'. If a data breach take place on their system they will only be sorry. Disappointed about the new rule and Discover will only miss on business Add comment

In 63 years, I can count on one hand the times I’ve been late on a payment, never missed a payment, always paid in full. Had a credit rating of above 760 with all three major credit institutions. Had a house in California. The tenants disappeared leaving $12,000 in bills to be paid, past due rent, and damages. Scrambled to carry two mortgages and keep bills paid. Did ok. Even transferred to Discover to use the no interest in an effort to make... Read more

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If you ever want to be talked down to in a condescending manner. Call Discover Cards Customer (lack of) Service. No Thank you I am "DONE" with Discover Card. After speaking with your employee at 800 number by the name of denise. I have come to the realization that discover is not customer friendly. I did use the Freeze option on my card because of the condescending attitude of your employee denise. She put me on hold to get her supervisor then... Read more

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I have been a loyal discover customer since 2011. I registered the double cash back promotion since last May and I start to use my discover card a lot and expect a lot of cash back. But finally in this February, my discover card account was closed and this double cashback was forfeited due to the program details. I asked the customer service to provide any reason to close my account. They said they have no reason to tell me. I believe they can... Read more

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I too have had a horrendous experience with DPL. They gave me incorrect information about a 6 month reduced payment plan- not once, not twice, but three times that resulted in my credit score being reduced and other credit cards reducing my credit limit. When I called them to inform them that due to their mistakes my credit score had been reduced, they reviewed my records, agreed that the errors were their responsibility but said they could do... Read more

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I added my wife as an authorized user and found that my Discover account is now showing up on her Credit Report. She isn't on the billing, it is in only my name. I am not sure it is even legal for them to do this? Now her credit report is being impacted by my Discover Card Balance and it has nothing to do with her. I have always made the payments on time but have accumulated a balance that I am working diligently to pay off. I am wondering if I... Read more

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